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A realistic drawing of a Fire Dragon from the app Dragon Village. I’m obviously bored haha! This is also my first dragon drawing, I think it came out pretty good I guess. :)

Not really sure what to do with her hair. I kinda have an art block on this one. But here is a recent drawing. :)


California-based artist Crystal Morey explores the relationship between humans and nature with her intriguing ceramic sculptures of people encased in animals.

My first dragon drawing :)

My first dragon drawing :)

New drawing of me and my babe :)
Used sharpies and art markers.
I kinda like it better without the background though. :3

Drew these at the beach.
“Blue Waves” and “Fun at the Beach”
“Blue Waves” was made made with an assortment of blue art markers.
“Fun at the Beach” was made with just pencil.

Made this in ceramics. I’m not sure what she is, maybe a punk rocker? I still thing she looks good. :)

Made these in ceramics. The sushi is not connect and can be taken out. :)
It is glazed and finished :3

First picture: statue of David
Second picture: drawing I did of my friend’s head on the statue of David
Third and fourth picture: sculpture I did in ceramics class of the drawing but without a head :)

"Sad Clown" I painted on my leg.
It is really hard to paint anything upside down on any part of your body.

The newest painting I did for my boyfriend’s band, Unstrung. Everyone in the band liked it :)

My Chameleon sculpture glazed and high fired. I don’t really like the way the green came out but I guess it still looks good.

My Chameleon I sculpted in ceramics class. In this set of pictures he is leather hard about to be fired. I put a lot of details into this one :)

Face mug (or dog mug) I made in ceramics class :)
Top two are leather hard clay about to be fired.
Bottom two are glazed and high fired to almost perfection.
I didn’t put enough glaze on the face so it looks kind of green instead of black.