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First picture: statue of David
Second picture: drawing I did of my friend’s head on the statue of David
Third and fourth picture: sculpture I did in ceramics class of the drawing but without a head :)

"Sad Clown" I painted on my leg.
It is really hard to paint anything upside down on any part of your body.

The newest painting I did for my boyfriend’s band, Unstrung. Everyone in the band liked it :)

My Chameleon sculpture glazed and high fired. I don’t really like the way the green came out but I guess it still looks good.

My Chameleon I sculpted in ceramics class. In this set of pictures he is leather hard about to be fired. I put a lot of details into this one :)

Face mug (or dog mug) I made in ceramics class :)
Top two are leather hard clay about to be fired.
Bottom two are glazed and high fired to almost perfection.
I didn’t put enough glaze on the face so it looks kind of green instead of black.

I won 3rd place! :D

I won 3rd place! :D

Check out this painting at the Corona Public Library—Exhibits.aspx

"Red Head" painting by SquidHeart Art, JayJay


^this is something I haven’t found or had in long time. Even when I was on winter break and always alone at home in front of all my art supplies.

But I had a dream, an INSPIRING dream and I will make it come to life on a canvas and I WILL show everyone! I will post it on Tumblr once I’m done :3 Hope you all will like it and if you don’t I am still going to be proud of myself for actually finishing it. :D

My painting for my best friend :)

painting by SquidHeart Art, JayJay

art class project :)

art class project :)

another mermaid drawing :)

"Mermaid" painted by SquidHeart Art, JayJay

Small painting by SquidHeart Art, JayJay